Wednesday, 31 July 2013

DIY Delight

This horrible piece of furniture has been the initial and continuing issue I have had with our room since peeking at those first fantastic-quality iPhone pictures Jamie sent me while attic hunting.
To what function does this display cabinet serve in such a small abode? I really don't understand the London letting definition of "fully furnished".

So as I've had some time on my hands waiting around for my American Visa, behold...

I fashioned this swanky gypsy curtain with:

2 Gold Nails
1 Hammer
1 Curtain that I stole from my mother
1 Poundland Sewing Kit
1 Roll of Rope


What do you think of my DIY effort? I'd love to hear your DIY ideas.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Campbell Chaos in London

This story in one picture.
Now, everyone who knows my family and I, know that we are extremely close and share everything with each other. I love them all deeply and I love the madness that commences when we're all together. We're all pretty mischevious!

The Campbells decided to visit me in London for 3 days and the visit kicked off with dinner at mine with the help of esteemed friend and dinner minion, Sanja. Sanja located my sister's wish-list birthday cake - a huge jaffacake - that I had been pulling my hair out over for days. Brownie points for Sanja. Shortly after this picture was taken my little brother Josh shattered my cat flap with a football. Breezy.

The Campbells plus Ginger Mowgli
The following day we celebrated Jennifer's 13th birthday by visiting the London Eye followed by a scrumptious picnic on Southbank, some sightseeing and ending with a visit to the Rainforest Cafe (my favourite place in the entire restaurant world).

Jenny, Chris and Dad

The devil undercover as the cutest brother on earth, Joshua. 
Questionable fact of the day: The artist commissioned to designed the lamp posts of London was an ex-lover of Coco Chanel, hence the evident tribute.
Jennifer wanted to sit about looking pretty at Buckingham Palace
... so she got her comeuppance for resigning from the Campbell fun

Josh wasn't enjoying anything about the sightseeing.

The following day we visited Madame Tussauds, which I wouldn't recommend anyone who values personal space and manners. The lady who ran over my foot with her pram in M&S and looked at me like it was my fault, I honestly believe, is a higher breed of human than tourists who visit Tussauds. See below explanation...

Normal human reaction at wax works: "Wow that's amazing, it actually looks close to JLO! Lets express our amazement at the wax work of this piece"
Madame Tussaudes tourist reaction at wax works: *screams* "HOLY F**K, MUM! It's Beyonce! GET TAKE A PICTURE OF US" *elbows way to front* *pushes child having picture taken out the way* "MUM! Get over here!" *elbowed off stage by human of same breed*

Someone has got to tell these people that their Facebook friends will not believe they actually met Beyonce when they set their "Tussauds trophy" as their profile picture.

After Madame Tussauds we went for a pizza and shortly afterwards I committed financial suicide in Topshop, Oxford Circus with Chris. We reconvened with my parents for bread baskets and wine at Caffe Concerto in Knightsbridge when Jamie finished work. Joshua nearly fell underneath a taxi, topping the bad behaviour list he had been working on all week, so we finished up and said our goodbyes.

I love my family but I was glad of the quiet on the tube home.

n.b.  On hearing that Josh (two days later) smashed the family house sitting-room window with a football, I laughed.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Prague. Where do I start? The following are a collection of photographs I've taken on two visits to this fascinating city. Before becoming cabin crew, Prague was always a city I had no burning desire to experience and I can only put that down to my associations with stag parties and personal ignorance.
I can't put into words how wrong I was.

The crew and I - on my most recent trip - visited the restaurant/bar terrace Hotel U Prince to spend our Sunday indulging in cocktails and sharing experiences among the rooftops of Prague. On the way back we stopped off at another bar, situated around the corner from the old town square, where I met the most adorable busker. I had a strong urge to invite him to dinner but I knew that the other crew would most likely disinvite me, so that dream was quickly smite from reality.

I'm on the rooftop!

My favourite Czech busker

The following pictures were taken on my first trip to Prague. I explored Prague alone, on this instance, because the crew I had come over with had left on the earlier flight. I adored wandering at my own pace and stopping for breakfast and ice cream whenever I felt like it. I realised that I actually like my own company - I suppose it helps being in such a loud and colourful city. The only strong cultural difference that I witnessed was the different Czech customer service expectations. "Please" or "Thank you" are rarely uttered. I went for breakfast at (probably the cheapest, existing) Hard Rock Cafe.

The Hard Rock Cafe (I had breakfast and sat outside alone, people watching.)

The Old Town Square

The Old Town Square

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Gilgamesh, Camden

I have owed the lovely Sanja (formely known as Amar) a good meal since October last year. It was about time we rocked up to somewhere we knew we could try something new.
I suggested Gilgamesh, a Pan-Asian restaurant in Camden, as I had been growing increasingly curious after passing it several times recently. As neither of us are Pan-Asian cuisine connoisseurs, we adopted a very vague ordering strategy and subsequently ordered different dishes at random to share.

We had some Miso soup to start.
We absolutely loved the 'snow crab california' sushi roll with snow crab, cucumber and avocado; Seasoned with black pepper it is by far the most delicious combination I've ever experienced.
I would strongly recommend the 'garlic chive mushroom' dim sum and the 'avocado and sweet potato' tempura as a tasty vegetarian alternative. The crispy chilli chicken with black vinegar sauce particularly hit the spot with me (as a vinegar fanatic).

Crispy chilli chicken (with black vinegar sauce)

Happy Sanja

White girls (Overexposure courtesy of the waiter)

Oh - I forgot to mention my delight after paying the bill and arriving home, to realise I left my bank card on the tube. Success.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Laundry and Other Home Affairs

Drying laundry is taking over the attic today. 
A sea of laundry hanging from mirrors, radiators and hangers while I perish as every window in the room is open; allowing optimum drying potential.

The biggest consequence of my travels is that when I'm home I don't want to think about addressing the laundry basket that's been sitting for a week, bleaching the bathroom, calling up pest control (yes, we had the luxury of accommodating a pet mouse for a while) or spending time actually decorating our attic.

Since moving from my family home in Glasgow to our attic in London, I've had big dreams for our living space. Our attic has inherent good vibes - it's breezy and full of light. I feel like I've got the freedom I so much craved when living in Glasgow!
However, as we never made the obligatory, "infuse my personality into my room please?" trip to Ikea and instead accepted as much help from family in terms of necessities, I'm getting the itch.

Our attic is still a work-in-progress... much like yesterday's never-drying laundry. Oh, and I'm managing to dye everything pink on a continual basis because our washing machine is NOT a team player. See Jamie's once white Calvin Kleins below.

So this is how I'm spending my day off; Wishing the washing would dry and hoping I soon get a chance to make our attic awesome.