Saturday, 6 July 2013

Gilgamesh, Camden

I have owed the lovely Sanja (formely known as Amar) a good meal since October last year. It was about time we rocked up to somewhere we knew we could try something new.
I suggested Gilgamesh, a Pan-Asian restaurant in Camden, as I had been growing increasingly curious after passing it several times recently. As neither of us are Pan-Asian cuisine connoisseurs, we adopted a very vague ordering strategy and subsequently ordered different dishes at random to share.

We had some Miso soup to start.
We absolutely loved the 'snow crab california' sushi roll with snow crab, cucumber and avocado; Seasoned with black pepper it is by far the most delicious combination I've ever experienced.
I would strongly recommend the 'garlic chive mushroom' dim sum and the 'avocado and sweet potato' tempura as a tasty vegetarian alternative. The crispy chilli chicken with black vinegar sauce particularly hit the spot with me (as a vinegar fanatic).

Crispy chilli chicken (with black vinegar sauce)

Happy Sanja

White girls (Overexposure courtesy of the waiter)

Oh - I forgot to mention my delight after paying the bill and arriving home, to realise I left my bank card on the tube. Success.

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  1. Sanjas lifelong dream comes true...JOKES. Both looking lovely ladies, can't wait to visit.