Thursday, 4 July 2013

Laundry and Other Home Affairs

Drying laundry is taking over the attic today. 
A sea of laundry hanging from mirrors, radiators and hangers while I perish as every window in the room is open; allowing optimum drying potential.

The biggest consequence of my travels is that when I'm home I don't want to think about addressing the laundry basket that's been sitting for a week, bleaching the bathroom, calling up pest control (yes, we had the luxury of accommodating a pet mouse for a while) or spending time actually decorating our attic.

Since moving from my family home in Glasgow to our attic in London, I've had big dreams for our living space. Our attic has inherent good vibes - it's breezy and full of light. I feel like I've got the freedom I so much craved when living in Glasgow!
However, as we never made the obligatory, "infuse my personality into my room please?" trip to Ikea and instead accepted as much help from family in terms of necessities, I'm getting the itch.

Our attic is still a work-in-progress... much like yesterday's never-drying laundry. Oh, and I'm managing to dye everything pink on a continual basis because our washing machine is NOT a team player. See Jamie's once white Calvin Kleins below.

So this is how I'm spending my day off; Wishing the washing would dry and hoping I soon get a chance to make our attic awesome.

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