Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Prague. Where do I start? The following are a collection of photographs I've taken on two visits to this fascinating city. Before becoming cabin crew, Prague was always a city I had no burning desire to experience and I can only put that down to my associations with stag parties and personal ignorance.
I can't put into words how wrong I was.

The crew and I - on my most recent trip - visited the restaurant/bar terrace Hotel U Prince to spend our Sunday indulging in cocktails and sharing experiences among the rooftops of Prague. On the way back we stopped off at another bar, situated around the corner from the old town square, where I met the most adorable busker. I had a strong urge to invite him to dinner but I knew that the other crew would most likely disinvite me, so that dream was quickly smite from reality.

I'm on the rooftop!

My favourite Czech busker

The following pictures were taken on my first trip to Prague. I explored Prague alone, on this instance, because the crew I had come over with had left on the earlier flight. I adored wandering at my own pace and stopping for breakfast and ice cream whenever I felt like it. I realised that I actually like my own company - I suppose it helps being in such a loud and colourful city. The only strong cultural difference that I witnessed was the different Czech customer service expectations. "Please" or "Thank you" are rarely uttered. I went for breakfast at (probably the cheapest, existing) Hard Rock Cafe.

The Hard Rock Cafe (I had breakfast and sat outside alone, people watching.)

The Old Town Square

The Old Town Square

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