Thursday, 15 August 2013

5 things I learned in Kuwait

I recently visited Kuwait. Goodness, I was excited to experience the culture of one of the United Arab Emirates! Kuwait exudes the same enthusiasm for shopping and luxury goods as Dubai with extravagant super-malls, albeit they struggle to rival them.

Five things I learned in Kuwait:
1. Kuwait is a dry country - this meant I had to accept that the drinks before bedtime that I love so much couldn't be had. I swapped a 'Mojito' for a lemon with mint alcohol-free alternative. It was absolutely as rewarding as the rum-laced version.

2. Women who smoke in public are often stared at because this is a key identifier for prostitutes.

3. You can identify the country Arab men are from by differences in their head-gear - As the majority of men wear traditional dress, I wondered if their differing headbands and head cloth were down to choice. It turns out it's not down to an individuals' love for red check or plain vanilla cloth.

4. The Kuwaitis love perfume - Perfumeries were rife and some rows of small shops had the whole block fermented with a sweet and poignant taste at the back of the throat.

5. The Kuwait souk is a fantastic place to buy fakes - watches price around £5, sunglasses for around £4 and bags from £4-£20 (depending on how authentic they look). I found myself inclined to pop a couple of quid on the extremely authentic BMW leather bag on offer - JOKES.

5. Some cabin crew make a small fortune from selling their worn and smelly tights and shoes on Ebay to men with foot fetishes. Potential new venture?

Maintaining my vitamin D allowance

Market walkway
I'm an arab princess! Scored myself a few headpieces

Threads for gentlemen

Food market

Fancy a pashmina?

Watches galore

Gold. Gold. And more gold.

Boys are working hard at the market 

Enjoying my imposter Mojito

Ladies doing dinner

Oh, and let me know what you think of they Ebay venture! Would you buy my worn hosiery?

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