Monday, 12 August 2013

Birthday Time Home Comforts

On the 6th August I ventured home to Glasgow to catch up with friends and enjoy some family company. I went for a walk the morning after my arrival at the nearby country park with my friend Katie. We expressed our concerns, life goals and what we're planning next. It's always the best therapy because we're quite similar so it's like discussing things with yourself but with an added perspective. We ended our walk with a bit of lunch at the Burrell Collection to satisfy the hunger we'd racked up during our short walk.

The following evening my mum had planned a dinner in our house to celebrate the birthday of my little brother, Joshua and I. She made a hearty vegetable soup to start and my favourite chicken pie for dinner. Inviting quite a few of my friends made the evening much louder than I think my parents were expecting. We finished dinner, all of the wine and brought the guitars out for singing (& some screeching from yours truly). I absolutely live for drunken sing-songs with friends & family and having my brother Chris at the table, telling the jokes. One of my friends Jonathan showed up from Bournemouth as a surprise and it was fantastic having some of my nearest and dearest ladies at the table!

How amazing does my Mum's chicken pie filling look?
Mum's growing her own herbs, vegetables and fruit since I visited last.
Conor got Conortroversial.

For the remainder of my time at home, we celebrated Josh's 6th birthday. We went for a round of crazy golf and attended his football team charity fundraiser to witness him receiving his first trophy. I think his recent enthusiasm for football is increasing his luck with the ladies because he managed to lose his first tooth on the day of his 6th birthday! Boy's a ladies man.

Gentleman hair? Check.

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