Saturday, 10 August 2013

Racine, Knightsbridge

So, I'm 23.
On my birthday, at the beginning of the week, I went along to a work team day (including lunch at Pitcher & Piano) to take the edge off sitting about waiting for friends who all work 9-5. Jamie and I later went for dinner at French restaurant Racine in Knightsbridge. I pretty much managed to maintain a state of drunk for the whole day.

Jamie tried to run away from my camera. SNAP SNAP SNAP.
On the water
I had foie gras on toast with warm duck yolk and red wine sauce to start. 
Jamie had the “Coeur de boeuf” tomato salad with basil cream to start.

The wine was fantastic. The menu was fantastic. The service was fantastic. I can't wait to visit again.
For mains I had a wild mushroom, spinach and new potato fricass√© and although I can't remember what Jamie had, I remember it looking scrumptious! The waiter recharged our wine glasses pretty much every 8 minutes so I had to slow down when it came to the main course. My mum's sober strategy "One glass of wine, one glass of water. Repeat" had to be augmented to tend to my state at that point in the evening. I'd advanced to "One glass of wine, one litre of water. Repeat". 
It was my birthday! If I can't use that as an excuse to justify fine dining and wine guzzling, when on earth can I?

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