Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Dinner Time 101

Cheeseless Mac'n'Cheese. It's possible.

I found this vegan recipe for Macaroni Cheese and to satisfy my curiosity I gave it a go!
Committing to the recipe taught me alot about food, ie. people who market soy cheese products are really good at coming up with creative product names, as evidenced by my purchase of "Sheese".
I thought the finished dish tasted like a strong cheese macaroni, limiting second helpings in fear of regurgitation. Less calories and less fat than standard macaroni cheese - could this be the best thing to happen my future hangovers?
Alternative feedback for the dish was that it was alright but smelled like soy. Can't win 'em all.

Recipe for 6 persons

227g Mozzarella ('Sheese' conveniently came in the exact amount.)
43g Nutritional yeast
1 cup Organic unsweetened soy milk
1 tsp Sea Salt
Black pepper (to taste)
1 Bay leaf
2 sprigs of Thyme
2 Garlic cloves

You'll also need:
450g of Brown pasta 
2 tbsp of Sun-dried tomatoes
3 tbsp of Olive oil

1. Put pasta on to cook in boiling water.
2. Grate the soy mozzarella and combine it with soy milk, nutritional yeast, sea salt and black pepper, bay leaf, thyme and crushed garlic in a pot to melt.
2. Whisk sauce while cooking until smooth.
3. Pour oil into pan with sun dried tomatoes and throw in cooked pasta. Add sauce and serve.

Recipe from here.

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