Sunday, 22 September 2013

Dolphin Watching in Muscat, Oman

I had the absolute pleasure of winning a trip to Oman with my friend Rachel. Rachel spent a year at the same school as myself and even though I was the person to show her about the school on the first day, we've never had a chance to get to know each other until our recent trips together. I love how life works in such awesomely mysterious ways sometimes. We loved our manager on this trip too so the three of us had a lovely boat trip spotting dolphins after an evening of poolside drinks. 

The beautiful rocky coast.
We really wanted to go on this more authentic boat but hey...
...we were happy to be at sea!
Our favourite Italian boss.
It didn't take long for the Dolphins to come out to play!
The dolphins surrounded us the whole time!
We're on a boat!

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  1. Dolphin watching was really great fun in Muscat, I plan to blog about it too. And I too won a trip to Oman.. Great coincidence!