Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Japan - Yokohama Oktoberfest 2013

It was the day we arrived in Japan and it was the last day of Yokohama's Oktoberfest. Seeing as the venue was a 5minute walk from our hotel, it would have been a sin not to trot down and enjoy some good old-fashioned Japanese-German fun!

Ticket Girls
You 45°
We 45°

A lager and beer mix was something I was not trying. YUCK. 

I spied some cool tribal dancing
The indoor security guys looked really official
Cute outfit, girl!
The fun really got going when the German band started!
Flag dancing
The accordion guy shmoozing the audience. Swoon.

The thigh slapping and beer guzzling madness

Boy, the crowd were loving it! HEY!

A few beers, a dance to a few cover songs and a scam involving beer-glass deposits later, it was decided we should sneak back to the hotel for a rest before dinner.
As always...
I left quietly, trying to draw little attention to myself.

Later that evening: 

I hoped this poster didn't give a representation of the only food available in Japan 

I admired the awesome view from my window in the dark. Our hotel was situated in on of Japan's tallest buildings. Most of the buildings in view had helipads on top. 

I figured out how to use the hi-tech lavatory fully equip with seat heater and front & back spray. You can control the direction and pressure of the spray. I noticed that in public places toilets were likely to have a "Flush Noise" button too for the incredibly bashful. I will one day own one of these toilets (and perhaps make the flush function a bit more obvious.) 

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