Saturday, 23 November 2013

Home for a premature Christmas

How glad was I to get back to Glasgow and snuggle my siblings? I can't even express the extent of my joy. Unfortunately my motivation for getting back to Scotland was because I anticipated I would be working at Christmas time. Seeing as I just recently discovered I'll be spending Christmas in Rio de Janeiro with Jamie, this premature visit really was it for the Campbells. I humphed all my presents back from Glasgow to London for opening on Christmas day and crammed as much QT as possible with everyone to make up for my Christmas absence. I managed to have some serious fun too!

I stayed with Christopher in his Stirling chalet. Chris insisted on making me dinner and thanks to a drama with his cooker and him forgetting to defrost the food, I ended up cooking the meal - thanks Chris.

It was Guy Fawkes night so we met up with his University friends and watched the fireworks.
Later we all trotted back to a friend of Chris's and enjoyed some mulled wine, a good old cinnamon challenge and a guitar accompanied sing-song. Standard student chat. I felt so blessed that Chris invited me out to meet all of his friends, who are all from different countries around the world, because they were so welcoming and genuinely the most interesting group of people I've met in a long time.

I had planned to come back to Glasgow in time for Nightwalk, which my friend Cara has been involved with for a few years. Luckily enough my beautiful friends Katie and Rosaline were attending so we met up beforehand and I stayed on the straight and narrow, accepting an alcoholic drink half way through the evening. One of the designers showing at the event was Rachel McMillan, a girl who went to school with us. Her show was fantastic! We also made sure we were close enough to spy these lads in their nicks.

My longtime honey Caitlin had a girls sleepover as some of the London ladies were back in Glasgow at the same time. The night consisted of onesies, far too much alcohol, prankies, facemasks (mine was the colour of poop) and loads of interesting videos to review in the morning.

Before heading back to London I went to the event I had originally arranged my trip around. STUDIO, my dad's wedding band were playing at Scottish Power's Got Talent (a contest to raise money for Cancer Research). They were fantastic and the highlight of the evening had to be when they announced that Gary Barlow was a guest judge and a lookalike waltzes out. My mum genuinely looked like she was about to pee her pants she was so excited and actually convinced Gary Barlow was on stage.

Glasgow, I'll be missing you this Christmas...


  1. We were happy to have you over and expect you back soon :)

    1. Oh Nate, I'll be back! I still haven't been up that monument yet! :)