Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Surreal in Sydney

I've often watched romantic films where the two love interests sit in Chinatown in some huge city and eat Chinese and share a drink late at night. I'd always dreamed that one day this might be me and having a similar experience with my "as close as a sister" best friend Sheree was just too surreal for words. 

We met in Sydney for the day. Bondi beach was our first port of call where we got all of the excitement out of our systems and picked a cute place on the beach for lunch called The Bucket List.

Bondi Beach baby! 
I'm jumping!
I'm expressing myself!
Is that right, aye? 
Attempt at a loveheart
Dancing skillz

So. Artistic.
"Sheree pretend you're taking a picture of me and get one of those cute wee boys"

"That prosecco is going tae ma heed"


We spotted Paddy's Market and couldn't resist the photo op being chicks from Irish descent. 

In true Samantha and Sheree style we went back to the hotel for a nap before dinner. We chose a place in Chinatown for dinner because it was around the corner from my hotel and it looked like it was going to bucket it down, and it did.

After far too many drinks at my hotel bar, where I got us discount, we called it a night. We woke up super early for breakfast in bed before saying our dramatic goodbyes. 

Oooh yeah, breakfast in bed!

I can't wait to visit Sheree in Melbourne in the new year. The more Aussie fun to be had, the better!

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