Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Rio Good Christmas

We arrive at Barra Beach at 11pm in the evening and head to the beach hut for caipirinhas and a midnight walk on the beach.
Beach hut drinks
Wanna jump some waves?

We took a glance out the window and decided we were spending our day walking along the beach. I feel so lucky we had a hotel right on Barra beach. It truly is the most beautiful beach I've experienced yet with squeaky clear water and huge waves.

View from our room
Embracing the waves

That evening we took a taxi into Lapa and strolled into the Samba club Rio Scenarium. The taxi took as long as it takes to get from Glasgow to Edinburgh but cost around £20 which is ridiculously cheap and the route allowed us to see so much of Rio at night - the favelas, the world's largest floating christmas tree and Christ the Redeemer to name a few.

Posh caipirinhas

The venue had three floors with a nightclub on the side...
an awesome band playing samba all night...
... and really swanky balconies overlooking the cobbled street below.

As Christmas day became closer, we thought it would make our mums happy if we gave Jesus a visit. He got really mysterious hiding among the clouds so we only stayed for an hour then paid a visit to Sugarloaf Mountain which was much brighter and an excellent place to get a 360° perspective of Rio.

Christ the Redeemer
Is this what heaven looks like?

It was hard to resist jumping on a cloud

Gee, It's real windy and real nice up here.
Rock climbing is a popular on the sugarloaf and neighbouring mountains.
To the Mountains!!
So. mature.
I spy Sugarloaf from the cable car

This one's for the photo album.
Spectacular views

We took the nature trail with Havaianas on...
... which made the whole thing 50x more difficult

On return we had to jump into swimwear, Christmas hats and run down to the beach for our Christmas Eve party!

Santa, I promise I've been good this year!
I was loving this onesie
Festive hats!
Drinking games
Forfeits for losing
Drowning, seriously.
My former Tokyo-pal, Ryan

IT'S CHRISTMAS! Xmas outfits, families to skype and some presents to open - successfully taking up the majority of the morning. The afternoon was far lazier and we retired by the pool like two squeezed lemons before getting ready to come home.

Thanks for my Christmas Puddings Mum! Favourite Present EVER!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Winter Wonderland!

As I write this Jamie is packing his case (we've used half of it to squash in our Christmas presents) for Rio de Janeiro. Even though we're grateful we'll be spending our Christmas on the beach there is going to be something unsettling about Christmas without snow and wooly jumpers. That's the only way I've ever had Christmas! To make sure we squeezed in a bit of familiar festive fun we finally went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (after many failed attempts with friends).
Now where the hell is the mulled wine stall? Oh there's dozens? Can we live here please?
This guy looked as though he was literally about to blow away when the wind came.
I dragged Jamie's scaredy self onto this totally cool ride...
... then shook off his tears and reapplied my lipstick.
Jamie looked really cool amongst the carousel bar 
He soon got distracted so I had to go meet new friends...
Initially my new pal freaked me out a bit.
Once we got to know each other he was an absolute hoot! 

If you're in London in December Winter Wonderland is an absolute must-visit. I really fancy going in a group next year so we can make friends, drink mulled wine then puke it all up on the best rides I've been on in quite some time. Friends, get here with us 2014 please!