Saturday, 18 January 2014

Búzios is Paradise

I once read an article about Búzios in a luxury travel magazine. Brigette Bardot put the resort on the map in the 60s when she vacationed at the tropical haven. Búzios is paradise. With breathtaking beaches, idyllic surrounding islands and lots of shops, restaurants & bars it's the perfect kind of village to visit for strictly relaxation. 
I opted to take a day tour (which was definitely more of a boat party) from my hotel in Barra beach. The bus took forever picking up other tourists and stopped far too many times for my liking, however, luckily enough the service stations we stopped at happened to be among rural hillside which was pretty attractive. 
On da bus.
When we eventually arrived in Búzios I was delighted! We were carted to meet another few groups and embarked on a journey to circle the resort on a party boat. As everyone whipped their clothes off and jumped into the sea I realised that I had no pals. Shit. As if by sent from the universe, at that very moment, I was approached by an Irish man who had been on my tour bus and he introduced me to a swiss guy he had just bonded with over speaking english. It turned out they were pretty good chat so I had friends for the day! Wahoooo!

Seaside village appeal.
Island in view.
Our Vessel.
Oh, this is an actual boat party.
SHWIMMIN'. (Spot the fisherman)
No, I said diet coke!
Pals for the day! 
One of my new pals offered to take some pictures of me so I was all over that posing. SNAP GIRL.

All aboard!
The boat pulled into the shore and we shuffled to the restaurant on the beach for the meal (included with the tour... SCORE.) 
I mulled over the idea of moving here and spoke about it with my new friends for the duration of the meal then once we digested our food and the breathtaking scenery it was time for a wander.
The view as we ate on the restaurant balcony.
The Promenade.
Fancy a quick fish?
A restaurant in ode to Brigette Bardot.

If I were here with my mum, she'd make us go to mass... more for the novelty than the praise I'm sure.

I thought these two were picturesque. So easy to imagine them as best friends.
Some lucky person has this beaut of an abode on the beach. So not jealous.
Boat maintenance.
I love the colour in this photo.

The Square.

The Coconut Lady.

Home Time.
As 7pm creeped on us, it was time to return to the city. I had been awake from 5am that day and slept most of the way back dreaming about living as a surfer and general beach bum at Búzios. 

Taking this tour taught me a few valuable lessons:
1. Enquire about the number of pickups between yours and arrival at destination when booking a tour. If this number is obese for your standards rent a car and go yourself.
2. It is totally OK to do these things yourself. Making new friends is fun and encourages you to do things a bit differently than you usually would.
3. Always be prepared for the possible boat party that might sneak up on you. I WILL NOT be cheated from a cannonball in the sea by mascara again.

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