Saturday, 8 February 2014

Big Easy, Chelsea

I've now lived in London for just over 10 months. Right at the beginning, when we moved into our place, the previous tenant told us about Big Easy in Chelsea where they have amazing specials on certain nights. On a Thursday you can be served Steak, Lobster and a frozen margarita or beer for £19.95. 
Having fully intended to frequent this place every couple of weeks, it's a crying shame that it was only last week that I visited for the first time. My wee pal Slimmy was back from her holiday in Vietnam and that was reason enough for us to go out for a catchup and fill ourselves to the brim. I've not been eating meat recently so I struggled a little bit at putting it away even though it was absolutely delicious. Moving was difficult once we cleared our plates but let's face it, I couldn't exactly show up at a Steakhouse and order a salad. 
The Restaurant Exterior
Get the orders in lads!
Frozen Margaritas Please! 
Enjoying that Rachey?
I ordered blue cheese sauce with my steak and am obviously finding it hilarious here.
Obviously really healthy there with the salad and potato instead of chips.
We called up around 4pm to book a table. They were booked out. We showed up and shared a bottle of wine while we waited about an hour for a table. We really built the grub up as something worth waiting for and Steak and Lobster night did not disappoint.

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