Thursday, 13 February 2014

Pizzeria Rustica, Richmond

To sum up this month, I've been to Lagos a few times and have quickly become a bit too indulgent, eating out and ordering pizza. When in London, eh? These days I'm carrying my camera everywhere to try and get better taking photos so unfortunately for everyone on my Facebook friends list I'm spamming the hell out of newsfeeds worldwide.  

Ok, to the point. Last night I went for Italian in Richmond with friends from my original training group. These guys are a total laugh and it's such a pain that we have such conflicting rosters most of the time. If it were up to me we'd be out and about together every time we're all free. 

Paul and Justin had suggested we go to Pizzeria Rustica so booked the table and showed up early while Fernanda and I searched the streets for its location to later realise it's RIGHT beside Richmond tube station. You would definitely just stroll by without noticing this place because of its quaint facade. Some of us showed up a bit further on than the rest so we had to order a few bottles of wine and regulate the levels of intoxication.

Why, hello cutie.
I think Paul caught a glimpse of the food at the next table. Dreamy.

Everyone ordered pizza apart from myself. I am back to opting for vegetarian options after my few days of meat overload and there was only one veggie pizza other than the margarita that I didn't fancy. I instead had the spinach risotto which was an absolute winner. It was quite light and easy to finish unlike some risotto I've had in the past where you have to contemplate having a lie down before struggling home. 

Justin had the Pizza 2005 which saw cheese replaced with seafood and looked delicious.
Fernanda assured us the veggie pizza was scrumptious while sporting her Rio-licious sunkissed face.
Slurp, slurp. 
We ended up pretty well hydrated (with wine) and were probably the loudest table in the restaurant.

When the coffees and limoncello came I had another wine. It was a beautiful get together and as soon as our schedules for next month are released I'll be hoping to make some more plans with these guys. 
A final thought, how cute is my friend Fernanda? Form an orderly queue gentlemen.

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