Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sister QT

I took another brief jaunt to Scotland last week and took my little sister Jennifer out in Glasgow. We visited The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was previously offices for the Herald and has been used for the past 10 years as gallery space for different art and architecture exhibitions. It has an awesome observation platform where you can experience a great view of the Glasgow rooftops. Unfortunately the Rennie Mackintosh tower (which has THE BEST view) was closed due to maintenance. DAMMIT.

The view from the observation platform in The Lighthouse
Jenny taking in the scenery
Escalator in The Lighthouse

After wondering about the quiet exhibitions for a few hours we met my friend Paul. I've known Paul for a few years. I met Paul when I worked in town as a PR (literally years ago) and he always busked around the areas I covered - come rain or shine. Jennifer's such a great guitarist these days and I wanted her to meet a real life busker so we watched and sang along in the rain. Laughing at a few dancing junkies passing by with their dugs (while shouting something incomprehensible) made me miss Glasgow in all it's freezing, showering glory.
Paul played Travis' "Why does it always rain on me" and passersby had a right giggle and chucked in some coins. We trotted along to the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe on Buchanan Street for a few drinks before home time. Jennifer had a virgin cocktail which was pretty much a slush - Not exactly appropriate for such a cold and drizzly day. 
Paul busking in Glasgow


  1. It looks like I fell asleep in that picture! It was great to see you. I'll post your CD when I get back to Scotland :)