Monday, 17 March 2014

The Bloody Mary Tour (Ok, I just made that up)

This month I vowed to get my London tourist on and kind of accomplished this after going on a Bloody Mary tour with my friend Rachel. I have named this tourist trail 'The Bloody Mary' tour because we had made it all about drenching ourselves in pretty strong Bloody Marys along the way. 

The schedule begins with a few Bloody Marys on the tall statue between the Lions at Trafalgar Square then continues with a saunter down the stretch passing Downing Street to Westminster. It ends at Southbank for the final rounds of Bloody Marys after passing over the bridge. 

A week later I took my friend Nikki and her fabulous mum Michelle on a similar route (incorporating Buckingham Palace) when they came to visit. It was Nikki's first time in London EVER.

Here are some of my favourite tourist shots:

Nikki & Michelle
Nikki & I

And obviously a few things you MUST do if embark on the Bloody Mary Tour:

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget the Bloody Marys!
Demand some privacy while making an important call.
The Big Ben Selfie.
Take at least one decent perception trick photo.
Fail at perception trick photos. See me with the Downing Street sign in my palm? Uhmmmm? Great double chin though...
Always make at least ONE gif to keep the magic alive.

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