Friday, 28 March 2014

Allanwater Brewhouse, Bridge of Allan

During my brief stint back home I had the luxury of visiting my brother in his chalet in the woods at Stirling Uni campus. Sounds kind of creepy doesn't it? His friends were having a party. The evening format was the same as on my last visit: Drink & Jam. Half of the guys played guitar and there were quite a few singers in attendance so we filled out gubs with some chilli mince nachos (Chris was so glad they went down a treat) and sang our hearts out. Before the party, however, we congregated in the tiny little pub at the Allanwater Brewhouse in Bridge of Allan. It is the cutest place I've ever seen and oozes Scottish flavour. Speaking of flavour, I had a raspberry beer - it was interestingly sweet. I think the raspberry cider was probably more my style.

My pictures are absolutely terrible because it was really dark, I was using my sister's camera and I had no idea what I was doing. I have compensated for this by adding really tacky gold frames! I hope you appreciate this making them so much more interesting. Yeh?

The Brewhouse Pub

Probably googling something

The guy first up sounded like a happier Elliot Smith

Allanwater Brewhouse pub is literally no bigger than your living room.
Drinking among the beer bottles

My favourite band of the evening. The singer had the voice of a Scottish pirate and his songs had fantastic stories behind them. My personal favourite was "This song is about a lesbian I met at the train station and offended her by asking her is she wanted a Twix."

Polaroid! Iida, Chris and I.

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