Monday, 14 April 2014

Sister Sister: South Ken Crêpes & the Natural History Museum

The final day in sistertown and we were in need of Crêpes. I had been to The Kensington Crêperie once before and thought it would be a great place to take her. It was windy outside so squashed ourselves into a table inside - its not the biggest cafe. I was taking Jennifer to another museum, one she would actually like. The Natural History Museum has lots of dinosaur skeletons and interactive kiosks that make learning fun. We went to the human biology section so we could laugh at all the "How babies are made" stuff and then wandered around all the sections we could find. 

Kensington Crêperie is the king of the crêpes.
I ordered Crêpe Suzette because I seen it on 'Come dine with me' once. It was a win. 
The Natural History Museum
Jenny out on the lookout for totally cute french guys on school trips.

This baby is reaaaaaally creepy
"If you don't let me do a cartwheel, I'm going to tell mum you gave me a bottle of wine."
Sister Selfie!
Once we had finished, we head home so I could make Jennifer some carbonara before taking her to Heathrow for her flight back to Glasgow. Fly back soon sister and I'll have some more carbonara waiting for you!

Sister Sister: Tate Modern

Day 2 of sister QT and I took Jennifer to soak up some culture at the Tate. She looked really bored at the start but I think we learned alot by reading the explanations beside each piece - totally what you're supposed to do. Usually I take the more douchebag approach of letting the visual dictate how I feel about the piece and ignore any other interpretation. Anyway, we moved onto the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square afterwards but stopped at Hardy's sweetshop on the way and stuffed our gubs.

A Whole New World!
We probably should have booked a tour like these clever people.
Jennifer was totally moved by this piece. Riveting.
Can we go home now?
But you've so much to learn!
See, I'm enjoying myself!
Ok, in all seriousness I actually really liked this one called "Grey Area" addressing racial identity in history.

Quite feasibly a den I dreamt about building when I was younger. 
"Ok, are you seriously taking me to a cathedral now? So not grool."
No, we're going to Hardy's!

Jenny outside the National Gallery. (You can see Big Ben from here!)

This is the picture I'm most proud of taking! An artist in the National Gallery. It was worth the slap on the wrists for taking pictures inside!

Sister Sister: Camden Market

So happy when the totally most adorbs person in my life, my sister, stayed with me for a three days after convincing my mum to let her fly solo. The first thing I did was take her to Camden Market for a swing and a swoon. Jamie came too.

Door knob...
...or lollipop?
Jenny got some new threads.
Adventurous soap stall with lots of unique smells...
... Mmmm this is what French Breakfast smells like!
On the bridge
Market Food
You want summa my milkshake?
Na, I'll just stick with my ginger beer thanks.
Sister, Sister!
"Oh, I just love my new incense sticks" said Jenny
More smelly stuff
Shopping for shorts. Does my bum look big in this?
Changing room intruder, GEDDOUT!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

The House of Mirrors, Kuwait

I've been to visit Lidia a few times this month. Lidia is the Italian artist who lives and breathes her creation, The House of Mirrors in Kuwait. Lidia has turned her house into a museum - She's fashioned the whole ground floor with mosaic mirrors and the upper floor is a gallery of her work and work by her late husband.
My esteemed colleague Luca, some other fine ladies and I were looking for fun and a guided tour by Lidia was just what the doctor ordered. In fact, it was as though the doctor prescribed a small dose of intelligence with a full whack of eccentricity that for the average human would result in OD.

The guided tour is extremely wacky and yet the kind of experience that sends you away with thoughts and questions (and a bit more of an insight into how space works). Though I have identified the house as the topic of this post, the real attraction is the ever-vibrant and energetic Lidia.


Luca shmoozing our way in with his Italian charm
Lidia and her work on the exterior. Then you step inside...
An Adventurous sitting room...
Jesus Haitch this is the kitchen!
... and a ravishing host. Lidia makes all her own clothes too. Isn't she fabulous!
Luca and I sat back and enjoyed trying some of Lidia's ginger and cinnamon teas.

This is the bathroom!

Cool Sink!

Upstairs we go!
Lidia showed us her paintings, art therapy and sculptures
Her work has strong themes of space, life, humanity and energy
Then she took us to her Galaxy where we encountered a glow in the dark experience of what space is like. It was weird and enchanting at the same time.
Lidia and I
The Courtyard

That's All Folks! Thanks for visiting!