Monday, 14 April 2014

Sister Sister: Tate Modern

Day 2 of sister QT and I took Jennifer to soak up some culture at the Tate. She looked really bored at the start but I think we learned alot by reading the explanations beside each piece - totally what you're supposed to do. Usually I take the more douchebag approach of letting the visual dictate how I feel about the piece and ignore any other interpretation. Anyway, we moved onto the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square afterwards but stopped at Hardy's sweetshop on the way and stuffed our gubs.

A Whole New World!
We probably should have booked a tour like these clever people.
Jennifer was totally moved by this piece. Riveting.
Can we go home now?
But you've so much to learn!
See, I'm enjoying myself!
Ok, in all seriousness I actually really liked this one called "Grey Area" addressing racial identity in history.

Quite feasibly a den I dreamt about building when I was younger. 
"Ok, are you seriously taking me to a cathedral now? So not grool."
No, we're going to Hardy's!

Jenny outside the National Gallery. (You can see Big Ben from here!)

This is the picture I'm most proud of taking! An artist in the National Gallery. It was worth the slap on the wrists for taking pictures inside!

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