Thursday, 15 May 2014

Down in Sandbanks

Sanja this means one thing - ROAD TRIP!
A few weeks ago Jamie, Amar and I went to visit my friend Jonathon and his partner Kieran in their humble abode on the seafront at Sandbanks in Poole. It's taken me ages to get the photos from Jamie so I'm finally getting around to writing about it! Jonny moved to Bournemouth before Amar and I moved to London and this is the first time we managed to go south to see him. When we arrived we went a walk on the seafront and did a bit of exploring. I was amazed to see how many beach huts there were on the promenade. Poole is the perfect place for a good ol' fashioned English summer holiday! The weather on the day was lovely but being by the seafront, the wind sent a few goosebumps my way.

Sanja and Jonny

"And then she said #GAYSOFA!"
Mr Handsome Chops

Can you tell this wind is getting on my last nerve?
Ok, so Jamie's outta here?

Jamie and his pal Cliff
Amar wore platform trainers which rendered her incapable of walking on sand so Jonny took to his gentleman duties.
Old Friends
"She's actually a good weight to improve my squats"
We took a stroll on a nature path on the hill behind the beach and it has great views of the coastline. I think this route must be particularly popular with kids because we had an absolute rave on the wooden dolphins and later the huge wooden ants hiding in the woodland behind - so "Honey, I shrunk the kids". There were also little nature quizzes and facts on plaques along the way. Dora the Explorer's dream day out. 

No caption required

After returning to Casa de Jonno, I insisted on having a nap but fell foul to the drinking mentality of the company. We had quite a few drinks and on Keiran coming home from work, we decided to head to the local beachfront hotel for a drink. This venture wound down pretty quickly because after another wine we were all a bit too drunk to continue in public.
We elected to continue drinking back in the house (where we could fall asleep on the bathroom floor).

Kieran deciding on wine
Sanja texting SVS - LOL
Hey Y'all! Aren't we just a picture of a successful 13 year friendship!? 

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