Saturday, 17 May 2014

Smooth Sailing in LA

On my trip to LA last week I wasn't too keen on doing much until I seen that my friend from training Millie had been put onto the trip. I hoped one of the other chaps I know, Craig, would be up for doing something exciting. It's always exciting doing new things with fun people. We all accepted an invite from the flight crew to go sailing and it was amazing. At one particular moment, we sat at the front of the boat with a corona in hand and took a deep breath of salty air. It was the most satisfying breath I have ever took as we looked at each other and discussed the beauty of getting paid to do this! Here's a few pictures of sailing from Long Beach! 
The Marina
Cute little stores selling everything from candy apples to American-Indian style clothing
I'm on a boat!
Corona anyone?
Now I understand how Seal Beach gets it's name!
Millie and I sandwiched between two gents
The view from my seat on deck
Captain Samba reporting for duty
After stopping for some lunch at a nearby marina - where we ate and appreciated the new cocktail menu from a stove round-table - we decided to head back to Long Beach. The event of our return journey arose when the captain of the ship lost his hat to the winds and we followed it around the sea and salvaged it to Pharrell "Happy" playing in the background. This won't be a trip I forget about quickly!

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