Saturday, 3 May 2014

We're on Safari in Kenya! Hakuna Matata!

I'm just back from LA, so sleep deprived that I just slept for 12 hours when I intended to nap. The past few weeks have been so busy and as it becomes Saturday I remember this time last week I had just arrived home from my mini african adventure. I had been in Nairobi on a trip with friends from my team at work. We hadn't made any big plans and I didn't pack my camera so the picture quality is iPhone fabulous. Apologies. I managed to steal a couple better photos from Dennis's album!
When we first arrived we had a drink in honour of Dennis because it had been his birthday the week before. This is where I drunkenly agreed to a safari at 7am the following morning.
7am. Ring Ring. "Your safari bus has arrived mam!"
The fun begins when we arrive at Nairobi National Park.
Jonatas, Natalie and I so excited that the rooftop opens. Taps aff.
Dennis fashioned his best safari headscarf...
... meanwhile Jonny just looked very convincingly like a woman.
Where the animals at?
Oh, things are getting interesting when we spot a lioness.
We hoped we' d capture her in action as she began to prowl...
... but she just lay down and looked like she was about to have a nap.
We continue to explore... 

Aw, Rhino nae pals.
Zebra who?
A relatively small giraffe. I have a feeling this one might be a baby.
The most impressive aspect of the park. the landscape.
Me having a moment. Obvz.
Wow, that was such a good trip bro.

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