Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Day in Santa Barbara

These LA trips I have been having recently are fitting into my life quite nicely. Yes, they're tiring but they award enough time to explore and to do some relaxing! On my last trip to LA we decided to rent a car and head to Santa Barbara for the day. Obviously onto a winner - The US Navy had the same idea! 
Santa Barbara Coast
My future portable home
Firstly, we headed to the harbour for a spot of lunch!
The landscape is truly amazing. In front of the hill in the far distance is a smaller mount of houses leading down to the town and onto the harbour. 
This thing lifts boats out of the water... How?

Just past the harbour you catch a glimpse of what Santa Barbara is all about.
Laidback living
We stropped off at a restaurant recommended to us by a friend!
Clam bar
Crab meat and shrimp platter, yummm.
The restaurant's world renowned Clam Chowder!
Oh Hi Navy Pals!
Time for a stroll into the town centre!
Walk this wayyyy
Navy Selfie
Seriously, you guys are everywhere!
Santa Barbs town centre has quite the spanish vibe.
I've always wanted to go to a cinema as cute as this for a date! Popcorn with butter please!

We decided after a few hours of exploring the town to stop and have a bellini!

The cafe was the sweetest and really reasonably priced. I think our 'Happy Hour' Bellinis were $6 each!
As the sun set the town got even prettier.
Three in a row
Even the navy chicks know Victoria's Secret!
Sunset on the Railway
From the Pier

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