Tuesday, 3 June 2014

It's been a year...

It’s been a year since I stepped away from everything routine about my life and stumbled into the cabin crew lifestyle. A metal tube in the sky now my place of work, I could write a trippy children’s book around this odd concept. 

The ride has been pretty bipolar - tiring, breathtaking, long, fast and everything inbetween. I remember how excited I felt on the 28th May 2013 on my way to work for the first time, realising I would be in Korea on the other end of my working day. It’s been a year since then. 

I’ve had times where I’ve cried in my hotel room on Skype to family and friends, feeling totally disconnected from myself and my loved ones. 
I’ve felt gratitude that I’ve had the opportunity of experiencing the beautiful places I’ve visited.
I’ve found great appreciation for my family & friends and best of all Glasgow, my home.
I’ve felt lost and unsure of my next steps my life. Unsure if I’m meeting or falling short in my expectations of myself.
I’ve travelled to places in the world I had dreamed about.
I’ve worked with some amazing, inspiring people - some of whom have become very close friends. 
I’ve been experiencing rushes of a kind of happiness I hadn’t ever felt before in my life. Contentment? Euphoric? I have no idea how to describe it.
I’ve put on over a stone in weight and no longer have a body clock.
I’ve had the chance to meet my friends abroad and be part of their global adventures.
I’ve been fatigued to the point of crying.
I’ve realised I love serving people and making them happy. I’ve been overwhelmed by customers' appreciation of how I’ve treated them.
I’ve been lucky to fall on my feet in London and had the pleasure of living in a nice house in a nice area.
At times I lose the ability to understand why someone is excited about Lanzarote when I’m not excited about being somewhere more exotic. 
I’ve had the time to indulge in my creative interests and recognise that they’re a big part of who I am.
I’ve longed to have certain places in my “bigger picture” for longer than the short time I’ve spend there.

The truth is that this lifestyle has brought on so many different emotions and reflections and although it makes me a bit crazy at times, I like it. It makes me sure that I'm living. This past year has been the most eventful yet and it’s been overwhelming.

A TV show aired last night on BBC2 about the company I work for and I’m excited to watch it. It follows so many different aspects of the business including scheduling and training for my role which is something that seems to have happened so long ago! I said I would stay in this job for 1 year and now that it’s passed I’m yet to intend on leaving.

Last night I met with some of my work friends, having cocktails to wish my good friend Dennis good luck as he leaves us and moves back to Greece - returning to his job as a lawyer. We had a lovely time sipping in Soho but it was sad when we said our “See you laters”. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future recently and I have no idea where it will take me. I know that the experiences I’ve had in the last year will have a huge part to play in shaping my next steps. Always one to be tough on myself to set goals and achieve alot in a short space of time, I’ve sometimes forgot to breathe and enjoy the moment. I suppose that’s my biggest lesson of the year; Do what makes you happy. Enjoy the moment and worry less about the future.

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