Thursday, 31 July 2014

Campbell ladies & Chris QT

This month my mum and sister came down to visit for a couple of days and this weirdly coincided with Christopher stopping by. Here's some snaps of our few days together...

Friday, 25 July 2014

Snooping around LA with Jamie

Jamie managed to sneak away to LA with me for a few days. We had figured the morning of departure that the trip might fall through but the angels of the universe gave us a window of opportunity. We hired a pickup truck and snooped around Santa Monica, Venice beach, Silver lake and Long beach. Here's the damage...


Thursday, 10 July 2014

What Samantha and Katie did next

When I took Amar to the zoo last month I spotted a Canal Boat tour operator on the nearby Canal. Since, I've been desperate to go for a ride on one - or generally buy one and live there. 
After our pretty eventful evening (ending with the best chicken burger experience we've ever had) Katie & I decided to take it easy waking up and making plans the following morning. The night before we had drunkenly decided to go for Karaoke that evening but our plans fell short due to the lack of Karaoke nights in London on Mondays. We eventually agreed on taking the Waterbus Tour from Little Venice to Camden Market.
Check out this cute little bookshop on the canal at Paddington.
We began our search for the Waterbus pick-up stop...
... under plenty of bridges.
Katie, we have 10 minutes to get there. WHERE IS IT!?!
Ah! There it is!
Really modern decor. Just the way Katie and I like it.
Bought ma ticket!
Happy as Larry
Uh, sit down we're about to leave the dock.

What a lovely thought. Someone wrote "I want to bum Liz Hurley" underneath. I found that pretty hilarious.
All of a sudden we head into an unnervingly tight tunnel...
... and it was so doomy!

Katie popped out to make sure I was ok!
We were really amazed at the amount of homes that could utilise the canal (maybe to swim to work or the likes?)

Eventually we pulled up to a very rainy Camden Lock and stumbled into The Hawley Arms; the only pub I know in Camden, apparently. Afterwards, we went to Wahaca in Covent Garden for some Mexican deliciousness then travelled home to collapse for a few hours before rounding off the day with a drink at the Blue Anchor, by the river. Even though Katie and Jamie were up early for work the next morning, we stayed up pretty late failing at talking quietly. I'm sure my housemates were happy about that.