Friday, 22 August 2014

Annie Hall @ Somerset House

Last week Jamie surprised me with some tickets to see Annie Hall at Film 4's "Summer Screen" at Somerset House. I'd never heard of the event before but apparently it runs nearly every evening in summer. Approaching mid-August, it was clear summer is coming to an end. Central London was torrential with tropical storms frequently crossing our paths on our way.
When we arrived we peered out to a sea of ponchos and lashing rain. We stayed inside for a drink then found a quiet seating area under cover. Luckily the rain stopped just in time for us to take our spots for the movie. I have really enjoyed Woody Allen films in the past and I was excited for 'Annie Hall' because Jamie told me it's renowned as one of his funniest. The end of the film had a lovely sentiment but I just couldn't get into the idea of him and Diane Keaton being romantic. Nevertheless it was such a great experience. I'm such a fan of outdoor cinema. 

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