Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I'm 24!

It was my 24th birthday last week. While I joke about my hatred of getting older, the passing of year 23 has been relatively pain free. I had a great night out with friends and Jamie took me to Boisdale for dinner the evening previous. It's so difficult to choose a place for dinner on special occasions because there are just so many choices and I have a pages long list of places I want to visit; I add to this list more often than you probably wash your hair.
We agreed on Boisdale in Canary Wharf because it is Scottish themed (we had just watched the Commonwealth Games so were feeling particularly patriotic) and there is live jazz/blues every evening. We requested a window seat because all of the photos on the website made the main music area appear cramped. We didn't contemplate that the main restaurant would be quieter on Monday nights and it was. We were one of 6 parties dining. As the room is partitioned slightly it didn't feel so empty because we'd all been seated in the same area. The duo playing on stage created such a lovely atmosphere and we felt well at home.
The Stage and Whisky bar a the Boisdale
The Whisky Bar
I had rabbit terrine to start.
Jamie went for haggis, neeps and tatties to start him off. I tried a little and it was probably the best haggis I've ever tasted.
My dinner has arrived!
The duck was delicious. 
Jamie had chicken for his main course. You can't really tell from this picture because it's hiding underneath all that rocket.

The darkness came upon us quickly.
Jamie brought some tricks to the table, avoiding ordering dessert...
... eh, I'm not being fooled. Where's the menu?
A moment later this arrived. Sticky toffee pudding. My favourite.
It didn't last long. 
Pretty chuffed with yourself, aren't you?
"I have a food baby. Time to go home?"
Cheque please!

The following evening I got up to some nonsense with friends of ours at a bar in Soho named Verve . I reserved a little booth and warned everyone to get in before happy hour ended. I had such a fantastic evening and was so chuffed that so many of our friends managed to come after work, midweek. I didn't take any good pictures because I was too busy twerking(apparently) but here's some I found on my camera the next day.

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