Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Horseback in the Hollywood Hills @ Sunset Ranch

September has been a fantastic month for trips at work with friends I trained with. Fernanda, Josh and I decided we were going to hire a car and visit Sunset Ranch on our trip to LA. We made off in the morning especially early to avoid the morning LA traffic and to ensure we managed to get there before closing time at 1pm.

As soon as the Hollywood sign was in sight we looked out for a coffee establishment.
The most adorable independent coffee shop sorted us with our morning caffeine fix.
Community Notice board outside the coffee shop.

Training Pals.

Rocking those helmets!

Saddlin' up my horse Limo.
Howdy Cowboy!
On the trek. Limo was the alpha-female of the group so was leading the rest of the team!
Follow the leader, leader, leader. Follow the leader.

Fernanda refused to kick her horse for 'GO' because she's all about the love.
Our awesome instructor Garran.
Garran told us how Hugh Hefner was the last person to fundraise and save the Hollywood sign from being abandoned.
Thanks Hef!
We had to slow down so Josh's horse could take a leak and afterwards head back to the ranch...

We made it!

Next stop, the Griffith Observatory; To learn some stuff about space.
We were distracted by the awesome view of Downtown LA from the observatory.
A picture Josh took of me taking the last picture. A picture within a picture, yeah?
Fernanda checking out the view.

The sun was out and i had so much SPF on my face that my hair did this unwashed-look thing. We decided a dip in the sea was the best thing to do. However we didn't make it to Manhattan beach after a complication with the car. Despite cutting our day short we were so glad we opted for an early wakeup to experience Sunset Ranch. I would absolutely recommend anyone visiting to give it a shot. The ranch provide evening and dinner rides too. I can't wait to go back and ask for my alpha-female Limo again!

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