Thursday, 18 September 2014

Shaking the glitter in Vegas

I arranged to meet the ladies in Vegas for a week at the end of August. As I had my last supper at Carluccio's at Heathrow, with Jamie, I had never felt to nervous. Would I get on the flight? Would I get a nice seat? Would the girls have already been arrested or something by the time I landed? Anything was possible.

On check in, I was issued a ticket. Good news. I definitely had a seat on the flight... 
... and I was lucky enough to get a jazzy upgrade.
To make things better, the girls had arrived safely. Caitlin made sure I had a warm welcome! Come to Mamma! 
We started with a welcome breakfast:

I started pretty much every day with a Bloody Mary.

We worked on our colouring:

Say "hi" to our condo at MGM signature in the distance!

We started a 'Jacuzzi Party' tradition and abandoned it after day 2:

We went for dinner at the Palms and took a limo tour of the Vegas strip:

Yes Sir
Sarah's mum bought us a nice fat bottle of champagne!
By the time the waiter captured this picture we were doubtful that he managed to fit in the Palms sign.

Ladies, the limo has arrived!
Uh huh

Bellagio fountains


We planned an escape from (what we were convinced was) a Mexican Cartel party in a poolside 3-storey bungalow at Marquee. The escape plan consisted of challenging two of the guys that we could get more girls back from the club in 5 minutes. We did. Afterwards we started a conga out the front door chanting "Gamble! Gamble! Gamble!":

Enter the party
Maybe we should get out of here Stacey. What do you think?
OK, back in da club

We posed with Elvis's Car before dinner at The Cheesecake factory:

Caesars Palace

We had breakfast at Peppermill and were probably the first people in history to buy the souvenir photo. We all tried biscuits and gravy:

Multicoloured sugaaaaa!

We won a few bob at the Venetian and took a gondola ride:
The Venetian

We're in Venice!
Hey Gondola man!

We circulated a few of the strip hotels, popped to the top of Paris and rode the New York, New York roller-coaster:

The Foyer in the Bellagio
The Garden in the Bellagio
Such a lick-a-licious jumbo chocolate fountain
Caitlin bought us treats! Thanks mum!
I had a peak at the Bellagio pools and they're sweeet!
Gay Paree!
Parisian Lobby

The view from the top was awesome...
... however we felt pretty caged.
Next was New York! New York!
Caitlin tried to razzle dazzle them.
After a ride on the roller-coaster we had New York style pizza.

We had a night at Freemont Street, Downtown Vegas:

We ate at the both obnoxious and fabulous 'Heart Attack Grill':

It's the chick on the menu!

Obnoxious receipts

We went to get a swatch of Busta Rythmes at Drai's:

I tried Chicken Waffles! Breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe:

We took a Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon:

I had a fabulous week with the ladies and was absolutely excited to be back in business class on the way home. I had a glass of wine, a starter and slept the rest of the flight. Like a baby.

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