Friday, 24 October 2014


This month I had the pleasure of scoring a trip with my team and best of all we scored a Chicago! I arrived at our briefing to notice we were a few team members short; a bummer because our destination seemed like the perfect opportunity to share pizza and a few drinks. Between those who attended we agreed we would try our best to do so, even in our small numbers. As we touched down in the windy city I was tired but pushed myself into a shower and got myself ready for some exploring. Our hotel was situated beside famous hotel 'The Drake' where films such as 'My Best Friend's Wedding' was filmed. 

We met in the lobby decided that it would be criminal not to visit one of Chicago's popular pizza joints, Gino's East. Gino's offered a taste of the famous Chicago style deep-dish pizza and we were ready to accept their offering. Outside it was torrential so it took three taxis to get us all safely (and dry) to the palace of pizza. The place wasn't I expected at all with graffiti covering every corner of the walls. I desperately wanted to try the deep dish pizza but settled for a regular pizza because the deep dish variety took AN HOUR to cook and I was hungry!
Shucks, I forgot my tipex!
Patriotic graffiti
The only thing that my Gino's experience lacked was having my drink arrive in sync with my meal. I had finished my pizza by the time my glass of wine arrived which deducted a few points, however, the overall dining experience scored pretty high because my pizza was ace. We left in high spirits and considered hitting a blues bar but decided against it because we were sleepy. I retired to my tiny hotel room (literally box-sized) for some much needed sleep.

The next morning I wrote my little sister a letter because she's recently taken an interest in letter writing. I thought it would be a nice touch to receive one from Chicago. I met a couple of the ladies at Starbucks and we went for a morning stroll. The rain was intermittent but I was ready for it - I am Scottish after all. 
Good Morning Chicago!
Wrigley Square at Millenium Park
Millenium Park
The Architectural wonder that is 'The Bean' 
Monkeying around with reflections. Check out the Skyline!
Hello Trump Tower.
The Michigan Avenue bridge opened to let some boats pass through. Ring-a-ling-a-ling!

After our short stroll we adjusted our priorities and started shopping. The Victoria Secret on Michigan Avenue is pretty spectacular and I managed to buy myself a few treats before we grabbed a bite and head back to the hotel. I've heard Chicago is like a mini New York. If that's the case, I'd love to visit New York soon. I think it'll be right up my street.