Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hollywood Blvd.

I've found it hard to get work friends to visit Hollywood Boulevard with me because it's often the first thing tourists tend to do when they visit LA and many friends I've asked to come with me weren't up for doing it again. Once you've seen it, you've seen it - I suppose. Sure it's pretty tacky but there's something endearing about how tacky it is. I finally managed to convince Dwayne, who hadn't been before, and Kevin, an LA expert, to make a day of it. The three of us ventured into Hollywood from Long Beach on the metro and that was an experience itself. I was approached by a random guy who claimed to be a club promoter and asked for my number and then my name. After processing my polite decline he moved along the carriage to ask all the other ladies one by one. Bearing in mind I was in the company of two men, this random gent had the screaming symptoms of what I call LA Crazy. There were a few shifty looks passed around the carriages we boarded, most likely because we stuck out like sore thumbs. I mean, who likes tourists?

The famous Roosevelt Hotel
The church from 'Sister Act'
The Hustle
Homeless Santa
The Walk of Fame
He's Dick and I'm Dkye!
Mann's Chinese Theatre
Jane Fonda so sassy!
FLASHBACK! (courtesy of google)
Best of all, I earned one of my own... or maybe just made one on photoshop. In the bag, Woohoooo!

Afterwards we walked to a record store so Kevin could buy some Christmas CDs and caught a bus to West Hollywood. Kevin took us to a gay bar he liked on Santa Monica Blvd (on the way to which he was winked at by a striking man in hot pants) and we had Mexican food with HUGE margaritas. My kinda day at work!

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