Saturday, 24 January 2015

Vienna Day 1: The Belvedere & Vienna Residence Orchestra

Touchdown in Vienna. 
We found the airport exit and everyone squeezed into a taxi while I asked the driver to take us to our hotel - The Intercontinental. Jamie and I had the pleasure of taking this trip with Mary and David, Jamie's mum and her husband and we were all excited to explore Vienna for a few days. David was particularly excited for Viennese coffee stops because stopping for a wee coffee is one of his favourite things to do. We arrived at the hotel and threw our bags into our rooms. First off, we planned to see Gustav Klimt's The Kiss and the Belvedere Palace is the place to see it. To the Belvedere we went...

Although we took quite a number of photographs, we couldn't quite muster up the courage to take one of The Kiss not only because it is strictly prohibited, but because it just didn't feel right. The way The Kiss glistens in the room is something so special that it couldn't be captured in a photo. Jamie and I agreed that every reproduction we encountered be it on poster, mug, keychain or other memorabilia object just couldn't compare to the real thing. We did, however, buy the fridge magnet.

We walked back to the hotel for a change of attire for the evening's festivities. Mary had bought us tickets to see The Vienna Residence Orchestra in a nearby palace. 

The programme mentioned Princess Sisi which is funny because in real life my friend Simone is the real Princess Sisi.
The concert comprised of two sets - the first Mozart and latter Strauss - and utilised the talents of a ballet duo and aopera singer. Their classical talent was mesmerising. We really needed that glass of bubbly to calm us down at the interval.

Feeling high on classical music, we caught a taxi back to the hotel and sat at the bar for a few bedtime drinks. Yeah, bedtime drinks are a thing when I'm on holiday.  Goodnight!

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