Saturday, 21 February 2015

Dinner Time 101 - The Basic Cheese Board

My nearest and dearest, you know that I'm a huge cheese board fiend. I'd have one every night if I could and have eaten myself into sleepless nights with cheese. It won't stop me stop me doing it again. In work I often make cheeseboards in First class and it's motivated me to embark on a personal quest to perfect my cheeseboard making skills. After some initial research I've picked up three rules for the basic cheese board; The 3 Rules of Three:

Three types of crackers/breads to accompany the cheese is a nice start. The different textures give the diner something to explore and different ingredients bring out different tastes of each cheese. On this occasion I opted for Rosemary Biscuits, Black Olive Flatbreads and Wholewheat thins just because I already had the Wholewheat thins and I was impulsive with the rest in M&S.  

Three cheese options are all that is required. To provide a nice selection the popular rule on the blogs I visited was to choose a hard, a soft and a blue. I chose a smoked cheddar (because people who aren't "into" cheese generally like cheddar), french brie and blue stilton.

Three additional accompaniments are ample to fulfil variety. In all honesty, when it comes to chutney my preference is always Quince paste. I love it's firm consistency and sweet taste. To accommodate more tastes than mine, and in line with this rule, I incorporated a spicy christmas chutney(that I had lying around) and grapes. Nb. the best quince paste - in my opinion - is from Waitrose and comes in a block so you can cut it into nice little squares.

The finished product looked and tasted great, I assure you! The 3 "Rules of three" worked really well. I got the idea of laying out the components on a large wooden chopping board from a blog about cheese and I really like the finished aesthetic! I am really pleased that I bought a bag of mixed seedless grapes too because the purple and green inject some colour into the board. Basic Cheeseboard Mission: Accomplished!

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