Thursday, 5 February 2015

Joshua Tree National Park & Palm Springs Aerial View

Another week, another road trip in California. This time we were out for the day and head in the direction of Joshua Tree National Park where we expected to see acres of Joshua Trees.
As we drove into Joshua Tree we couldn't escape talking about the desert conditions and sparse housing. The movie "The Hills Have Eyes" became a huge topic for conversation from the moment we entered the city until the moment we left. One of the girls was pretty freaked out by some of the landscape similarities, convinced some deformed creatures would be preying on us. En route to the entrance we passed a collection of abandoned huts that looked like scenery props but were once homes as evidenced by the similar huts across the road (one from which we could hear a female voice spookily humming). This really was like a scene from a movie.
Taking a break from working the land, duh!

We approached the entrance and paid the fee ($15) to enter in our car. I'm sure we all would agree that it was the best $15 we've ever spent. The desert views were breathtaking from the get-go. I felt like I had been transported to some Jurassic Era, in the land before time. We took the basic look and stopped by at some of the recommended exibit spots. There are an abundance of hiking trails and places to camp here too. The fog sat mystically on the rocks for a while before the sky opened and glorious sunshine beamed on the park.
Motor home hut
Skull Rock
At the time we decided that Scull Rock didn't specifically resemble a skull, however, I suppose it looks  little more convincing in the above picture. The Joshua Tree National Park is place of wonder. I later found out that it's a popular spot for musicians and actors to go and get high, exploring the limits of their creativity. There were a few instances when we came across some spiritual scenes. I'm sure I spotted the burning bush, as featured in the bible, at one point so I can understand how some people may experience heightened creativity in these spiritual surroundings. We finished the scenic loop and set our sights on Palm Springs for some Mexican food.

As the sun fell into the mountains we rushed to the Aerial View Tramway to catch sunset from one of the highest points in Palm Springs and swung by the 'Palm Springs' sign on the way.
Aerial view parking lot
Cable car ride
A view of Palm Springs
Up in the mountains you can take nature walks in the snowy valley and spot lots of animals.
Even as the sun set you could see for miles!
Aerial View Bar
The view after sunset

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