Monday, 16 February 2015

The Getty Villa & The Griffith Observatory By Night

The first time I visited LA, I met Margaux. I had taken my friend Rebecca as my tour guide and we met her friends Margaux and Iain for some late night munchies one night. That was back in May 2014. On my most recent trip (potentially my last to LAX) I met the pair again for some morning coffee in Hollywood with some of their friends. Afterwards, Margaux and I hopped in my rented car of the week and set sights on Malibu. I had never been and was curious about Paradise Cove, a lovely little sun trap on the beach. We soon learned that to gain access to the cove you pay $40 for parking or spend $30 in the seafront restaurant - quite a steep price to pay for the sake of a peek! Unless the weather is glorious and you're going to spend the whole day there, don't bother. On the drive back through Malibu we spot signage for The Getty Villa and after about 20 minutes of searching for the entrance we managed to get the guard to waiver the pre-booking requirement and stopped off. It was a worthwhile stop. The Getty Villa is home to some of the art and historical artefacts of Mr Getty and it's perfectly situated on the hill facing the Malibu shore.

SNAP SNAP. The Villa Hall.
Ceiling Details

Gee, this place is beautiful! Margaux agrees.
Here, Margaux models this stylish feature.

The Getty Villa was built to WOW its visitors. Roman influence screams from every inch of the building and although a relatively contemporary build there's something old about its energy. After our snoop around we head to Silverlake to look in one of Margaux's favourite crystal shops. Our final tourist stop was the Griffith Observatory to watch over LA and the beautiful full moon that joined us. The air was still and it was a lovely night to look over the LA skyline. I've never felt so at peace.

The twinkling road straight up the middle of our view was the road of traffic we had been stuck in for over an hour.
Mr Moon.

Calm and collected, we met the others for some Thai food at one of Margaux's favourite restaurants. The perfect Cashew Chicken to accompany a perfect day in California.

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