Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Samba and Simona Take Rome

My Scottish homegirl Simone and I took a weekend trip to Rome in April. We had reasoned that we had worked so hard recently and deserved a break. The truth is that Simone had probably worked harder than myself over the past 6 months but I'll always find a way to reason a holiday. I had never had the pleasure of visiting Rome before - Simone had. She was great at the planning stages, finding us phrase books and maps to ensure we would see the most beautiful bits. I can't believe just how beautiful the city is - in it's entirety. Every street offers the classic Italian charm that you see in the movies. Scroll for the holiday album...

Our cute little hotel
Dinner on our first night. Italian delight.
Our bedroom window
The Coliseum
Kissy from the Gladiators
Behold, The Famous Coliseum!
Here, I'm learning about the Coliseum festivities. 
My beautiful wee soul sista, Simone.
Under the arena
The Arc of Constantine
The gardens at the entrance of The Forum
This is NOT an intimate tour
Tour Guiding
The Forum
Down into the streets of Rome...

... we stopped for a drink in the square at the Pantheon.
People got married...
... we applauded.
Street performer around the Pantheon
There was commotion around The Spanish Steps when a tourist dropped their phone into the fountain.

I could have cried when I was told the Trevi would be under construction on my visit. I'll need to wait until next time to re-enact my favourite scene from La Dolce Vita, and incur the necessary fine for jumping in.  Meh.
We wandered amongst the bustle of the city on our way to dessert

The Harpist at Ristorante Taberna

Ristorante Taberna