Monday, 22 June 2015


Another day at work, another destination. I'd never been to Washington before and I was determined to see some of the top tourist spots. Luckily quite a few of my colleagues had the same plan when we arrived so after waking up nice and early we met for an adventure into the political centre of the USA.
We stopped a lovely little deli and grabbed some brainfood for the day. I had a delicious homemade salmon and dill cream cheese on my bagel. Great start to the day.

Firstly we stopped by the White House which was mostly cordoned off by the Secret Service (who weren't doing such a great job of keeping a low profile) and after about 6 minutes there were a flurry of sirens and racing jeeps sporting the US flag. I had tried to take a video and thought I'd captured some american bystander shout "It's Obama, wave to Obama!" but on review of all my camera footage I had two 3 second clips. Fail.

Can you see that little black figure on the roof? It's a sniper.
It's a tough day at work for the men of the Secret Service and their facial grooming.
This guy didn't give two monkeys about the president's apparent drive-by and swung himself while amusing the men on duty.
Oh, I just love capturing other people's photo ops!

We continued towards the Washington Monument and it soon became apparent that we were not the only tourists to brave the blistering hot day. There were so many school trips who were travelling in what appeared to be groups of a hundred! Spot the school trip!

My team of the day!
The Washington Monument and I
Such a lovely view down to the Lincoln Memorial from the Monument too!
From inside the Lincoln memorial
Big Lincoln himself.
Heehee, I love catching people taking selfies too!
Memorial detail
After a stop at the nearest refreshment spot to get an ice cream and a fridge magnet we head to the mall to spend the rest of our US Dollars. I'll never have any trouble spending my dollars at the end of my US visits.

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